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  • Sapporo & Otaru

    This area is one of the top destinations of Hokkaido trip. In the capital Sapporo, you can enjoy shopping and trying tasty foods gathered from all over Hokkaido. A city filled with many old warehouses, Otaru, can take you to the nostalgic journey. Highlights would be places such as beautifully preserved canal area, Music box Museum, and Glass Factory. Both cities have winter festivals in early February: Sapporo Snow Festival and Otaru Snow Light Path.

  • Asahikawa & Sounkyo

    If you are interested in observing animals’ natural behavior, Asahikawa can offer you Asahiyama Zoo. Not only children but also adults should be amazed by its unique exhibitions such as seals swimming through a glass tunnel. To enjoy both scenic views and hot spring, Sounkyo is highly recommendable. Ropeway can take visitors to the top of Daisetuszan called “a roof of Hokkaido.” The Panoramic view from there is especially stunning in fall with lots of colored leaves.

  • Noboribetsu & Toya & Hakodate

    For hot spring fans out there, we recommend Noboribetsu and Toya, the nearest hot spring resorts from Sapporo. Two gigantic active volcanoes and Hokkaido's second largest lake are here to impress you. Visitors are also welcomed by cute brown bears. Moving down to the south, there is Hakodate, a retro port city that appeals tourists with many historic buildings and fresh seafood. If you want to make your stay more romantic, the night view from Mt. Hakodate cannot be missed.

  • Abashiri & Tokachigawa & Shiretoko

    One of the top Abashiri experiences we recommend is watching drift ice coming to the coast in winter. The blue-white contrast of the ocean and the ice is more than outstanding. A home to majestic nature and wildlife, Shiretoko, is a place for you if you want to witness untouched nature. In this world heritage site, visitors might come across wild deer or foxes. Have dry skin problems? Then, you might want to consider visiting Tokachigawa Onsen. Its unique moor hot spring should be good to moisturize your skin.