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Special Arrangements

  • School Exchange Program
    School Exchange Program
  • We can offer school exchange program for middle and high school students. Here is a sample of A Day in the School Program

    Arrive at a local school
    Welcome Ceremony
    Presentations from each representative student
    Join classes
    A group - Calligraphy
    B group - Music
    C group - Arts
    Lunch with local students
  • Technical Visit Arrangement
    Technical Visit Arrangement

    We can arrange Technical Visit, Food Processing Plant, Nursing Home, Hospital, Disaster Prevention Center (earthquake simulation experience is offered), Sewage Treatment Plant, Garbage Disposal Plant, Recycling Plant, Renewable Energy Plant, Automobile-related Facility, Aviation-related Facility, etc. We can offer technical visit that meets client’s needs.

  • Educational Tour
    Educational Tour

    We can arrange Educational Travel for middle school and high school. Students are promised to have memorable travels, ranging from Farming Experience, Environment Education and various activities.

  • Barrier Free Tour
    Barrier Free Tour

    We can arrange Wheelchair, Transportation with Lift, Barrier-Free Room and Barrier-Free Route.

Luxury Arrangements

  • Michelin Restaurant Arrangement
    Michelin Restaurant Arrangement
  • Five Stars Hotel Arrangement
    Five Stars Hotel Arrangement
  • Luxury Car Arrangement
    Luxury Car Arrangement
  • In-airport Limousine Arrangement
    In-airport Limousine Arrangement

Special Tour

Special tour arrangement service provides you a special experience according to your request. To make your trip memorable, our staff will recommend the best option for you.

  • Photo Shooting Tour
    Photo Shooting Tour
  • Mochi Pounding Experience
    Mochi Pounding Experience
  • SKI
  • GOLF
  • Pre-Wedding Photo Shooting Tour
    Pre-Wedding Photo Shooting Tour